As yet another year of running Asian Pop Weekly comes to a close, I reflect on what 2022 has brought us, and what our direction will be moving into 2023.

In 2022, we embarked on some very exciting new ventures; launching partnerships with Chinese media platform The World of Chinese and running their music column, and partnering with Singaporean online community radio platform Indiego on launching our first ever online radio show ‘Everywhere and Nowhere’. Both these projects as well as our regular programming have challenged us in a multitude of ways, not least in pondering the future direction of our platform with a renewed creative rigour.

When considering our next steps, I chanced upon a quote by Tim Ferriss where he invites readers to reframe goal setting not as ‘What do I want?’, but as ‘What would excite me?’. As a writer who has worked with words for as long as I can remember, while there are always small milestones to be achieved, this year what has really excited me was the prospect of working in different formats; especially podcasts, radio shows and long-form interviews; formats that challenge my ability to create with intent, to curate with creativity, and to engage more deeply with all aspects of the creative process.

Asian Pop Weekly holds a very dear, important place in my heart, and our guiding principles have never been driven by commercial or financial intent; but instead acts as a testing ground for experimentation; always directed towards the question of: how can we shape and change perceptions of Asian music and identity in Western-centric spaces?

So in 2023, I hope you’ll support this new challenge that we’ve set for ourselves – to focus on creating audio-centric content and taking our ability to create, curate and engage to new dimensions. While we don’t entirely have all the kinks worked out yet, I’m confident that this is the right path forward for us. The secret to Asian Pop Weekly’s longevity has always been passion – and while there is some trepidation with this new direction, I’m excited to see what lies in store for us. Biggest hugs and thank you’s to everyone who has supported us thus far; it’s been an absolute pleasure. Watch this space, and happy new year <3 

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