Album Information

Album Name: Flowery 花又開好了

Release Date: November 2012

Track List

01. 迫不及待 Can’t Wait
02. 花又開好了 The Flowers Have Opened
03. 不說再見Don’t Say Goodbye
04. 心還是热的 The Heart Is Still Warm
05. 親愛的樹洞 Dear Tree
06. 還我 Give Back
07. 明天的自己 Tomorrow’s Me
08. 那時候的樹 That Time’s Trees
09. 像女孩的女人 Women Who Are Like Girls
10. 後來後來 And Then And Then

Album Information

After looking through a few of the lyrics for S.H.E’s latest album, I find that it really is an extremely well put together album. The concept is beautiful, understated but amazing and is a kind of transition for them into womanhood, and I really love how they’ve moved past all the sad love songs that other artists well into their thirties are still cranking out and giving out a very warm and comforting message to their fans and listeners worldwide. They offer something very different to other singers of their generation; JOLIN TSAI 蔡依林 with her catchy dance songs and impressive moves, WANG LEE HOM 王力宏 with his noble pursuit of changing the world and taking Chinese music to a whole new level, or JAY CHOU 周杰倫 whose appeal for me lies purely in the catchiness of his songs. No, not S.H.E. For me, their appeal, especially in this album, lies in the comfort their songs bring to listeners. Immediately when you start listening to this album, you’re transported to a world where all your worries are left behind as they teach you about the simple pleasures of life. This is S.H.E; the most famous BFFs in the Chinese music industry who go back to the basics for their most recent album ” 花又開好了 Flowery”; their appeal so enticing but yet subtle that it becomes obvious why these singing sisters are so popular.