Photo by Chris Yip

By Jocelle Koh

Touring across Australia as an artist and sessionist, and taking his music to vibrant places like Ecuador and cosmopolitan centres like Singapore, singer-songwriter, producer and DJ Yeo is always on the go; seeking for new sources of creative and personal growth on his travels. The musical nomad had much to say on the benefits of touring for the mind and soul.”Touring (especially when alone) is helpful in many ways. It removes you from your status quo, which allows for self-reflection and reinvention. I have done a lot of deep work on myself this year to get back to a healthy state, both physically and mentally, and playing shows far away from home was a good test of strength and endurance. It also reminded me of how insignificant I am in the world. The financial debt I came home to was particularly humbling…

Envious of those who have what it takes to just pack a bag and go, we had to know what must-haves the seasoned traveller keeps on him and why.


Photo by YeoFilm Camera – Ricoh GR1
Using a compact point-and-shoot is like taking a screenshot of real life with emotions included. When on the road with my favourite people, I like to freeze time in my favourite way, and replaying the story in retrospect a roll at a time helps alleviate the post-tour blues. 

In-Ear Monitors – Shure SE215
Indispensable during long-haul travel, at shared accommodation and loud gigs, a decent pair of ear buds block out enough sound to allow for sleep, getting work done or basic hearing protection. Combine these with sunglasses, a hoodie and your favourite podcast for a sensual travel cocoon. 

Battery Pack – Anker Astra E3
A lifesaver when mains power is rare and you need that worksheet to remind you where to load in or what the venue manager’s name is. Don’t skimp–I bought this model in 2014 and I still get four and a half charges out of it.

Omamori – Shinnyo-en
An amulet for spiritual protection and a reminder of all the people I will visit when the winds of fate fill my sails.

Sunglasses – Unknown
A vampire’s best friend, especially if ironically still addicted to vitamin D. Love a good mid-flight nap with these on. I lean towards a cheap pair because I often lose or break them. Driving a comfortable hire car doesn’t feel right without them.

Dental Floss – Oral B Essential
Little annoys me more than having food stuck in my teeth.

Paperback Novel – The Dark Forest by Cixin Liu
Made from paper, glue and ink. Ditch the screens. The original sleep-inducing time killer is here, the chosen weapon of nomads conditioned to the transitional lifestyle of hurry-up-and-wait. Use a book cover to stop the dog-ears, this one made bespoke by my friend Hazel English.

Snaps Taken By Yeo On Tour

Watch Yeo’s ‘Six Years’ Music Video For Ecuador Visuals

Yeo’s album Recovery Channel is now up on all major streaming platforms. Listen here, or follow him everywhere at @snackswithyeo. More tour snaps available on Yeo’s tumblr @ hoteltraffic.