By Jocelle Koh

Having won “Best live performance” at the Golden Indie awards this year, indie Rock band Gigantic Roar 巨大的轟鳴 has already internalised this success and powered forward with their Winter performance tour. The amazing part is, debuting less than four years the boys have already set their musical sights on the entirety of Asia. This time around, they haven’t only toured Taiwan performing, but also have plans to bring their infectious passion and music to Southeast Asia’s big and small cities including Kuala Lumpur, Penang, and of course Singapore.

In just a few days the four boys hailing from Kaohsiung, Taiwan will be touching down in Singapore for their concert which brings them temporary respite from their busy touring schedules. Even taking the time to conduct an email interview with them has turned into just a quick Q&A due to their back-to-back performances! But nevertheless, these short twelve questions have served well in reflecting Gigantic Roar’s persistence in their music, their views on society, and their exciting stories and experiences that they’ve accumulated on their musical journey.

1.It’s the first time you guys are performing in Singapore, how do you feel?
Wang (lead singer): I haven’t been, I need to visit before I’ll know!
Huang (drummer): I feel like Singapore will be very hot… (editor’s note: You’re not wrong Tang Xuan!)

2. I know you are all passionate about music. When was it that you first discovered your interest in music?
Huang (drummer): When I was three I went with my sister to music class, at that time I really liked singing together with the big brothers and sisters, at this young age I realised that I was more able than others to remember melodies and rhythm.
Wei (Guitar): When I was in primary school that was the first time my father played Woodstock’s documentary for me to see.
Hou (Bass): When I was in primary six I heard Christine Hsu’s “Rose Life”
Wang (Vocals): When my computer first downloaded Jay Chou’s album “Common Jasmine Orange”

3. How did you come up with the band’s name?
It came from a set of lyrics by Chinese band PK14.

4.Last year you released an EP, can you tell readers a bit about the EP’s concept?
Wang (Vocals): A story about coming to Taipei from Kaohsiung, the psychological changes that occur when you first reach the city, changes in mood. People will always give up something they originally had in order to chase their different aims.

5. A few months ago you won “Best live performance” at the Golden Indie Awards. Were you nervous on the day, or were you more relaxed?
Hou (Bass)& Wang(Vocalist): Very nervous, very nervous, really very nervous.
Wei (Guitar): The Ma-Xi meet was happening on that day (Taiwan president Ma Ying-Jeou and Chinese president Xi Jinping), I honestly was very angry, the Taiwanese all really dislike his behaviour.

6. What kind of feelings do you have about winning at the Golden Indie Awards?
Hou (Bass): Pretty happy!
Wei (Guitar): Although I’m happy, I still feel that I have a lot of space for improvement.
Wang (Vocalist): It urges me to become better and better!
Huang (Drums): I feel that the most important part about winning is being able to see those around you be happy, and at the same time thank a lot of those who have been silently supporting us.

7. Most recently we hear you’ve been working on your new album, can you reveal a little bit about what’s been going on in production lately?
Hou (Bass): In order to record one song I am going to learn slap (note: Slap-bass is a kind of playing technique)
Wang (Vocalist): I’m very excited about my works
Wei (Guitar): It’s a really awesome album! Everyone must come and have a listen!

8. What kind of influence or emotions do you wish your music to evoke in audiences?
Hou (Bass): Hope audiences can recognise the ingenuity of our music!
Wei (Guitar): Everyone should be more happy! Indulge in the music!

9. If you could pick any musician to work with, who would you pick?
Wang (Vocalist): Michael Jackson
Wei (Guitarist): Zeng Guo Hong (band Sunset Rollercoaster’s vocalist and guitarist)

10. Singapore is most famous for its eats such as Chilli Crab, Hainanese Chicken Rice, so on and so forth. Do you have any places you’d like to go or things you’d like to eat while you’re here?
Wang(Vocalist) & Hou (Bass): Anything good to eat!!!

11.Singapore’s audiences are actually pretty ‘cool’. Do you have confidence in bringing them a ‘high’ performance?
All: No……

12. Lastly, being an independent musician is not an easy task. If you could give a few tips to those who want to get into the business, what would you say to them?
Wang (Vocalist): Focus on doing what you love!
Hou (Bass): Don’t think too much, good luck!

Want to get to know the four boys a little better? Singaporean fans have a chance to catch them up close and personal on the 14th of December at Timbre by Switch (Bras Basah MRT). Their performance will be from 7pm to 8.30pm, featuring special guests Felix Felicis. Entrance is free.