​By Jocelle Koh

Malaysian singer-songwriter Evangeline Wong has always been full of surprises. After the critically-acclaimed release of her debut album ‘Wilder 框不住的艷薇‘, the limitless vocalist and songwriter seems to be continuing on her path of self-discovery as reflected in her latest single ‘Already Forgotten 其實我們都忘了’. We had a hard-and-fast Q&A session with the budding artist , going deep on the theme of ‘remembering’ which she touches on in this experimental and hard-hitting new single. 

1. Your new song “Already Forgotten” is really different from your past works. Can you share the inspiration behind your lyrics?
Empathy is something that my mother has taught me since I was young. This empathy and responsibility to speak out for others is something I wanted to put in this song. Putting my life, from owning nothing to something and my feelings about others into this song.

2. This song is about forgetting to treasure every moment. Can you share with us three things you think people shouldn’t forget?
One-Don’t forget about yourself
Two-Don’t forget the good in others
Three-Don’t forget to be grateful for everything you have

3. This song is full of ups and downs – at first full of rage and anger, and at the next bursting with positivity. It’s great for stress release! What do you do to relieve stress?
Play games 😆

4. In this song you took on another musical challenge, performing a song which feels like it has a split personality disorder. Was it a challenge for you?
Not really because I’m a really extreme person. On one hand I’m playful and brave like a little boy, but I also have the happiness and cheerfulness of a little girl.  So when you put it all together it’s quite interesting 😆

5. You’ve tried your hand at many genres in the past; anything from R&B to Heavy Metal. What is it that allows your music to have your personal stamp despite any genre changes?
My voice is my personal stamp. I let my personality shine through in my voice, that way I can take on even more beautiful musical maps.

6. Is there any genre or musical technique that you’d like to try next?
No genre is out of the question. I won’t limit myself; instead I’ll just wait for it to reveal itself to me.

7. The MV for “Already Forgotten” is set in the desert, and very different from the greenery landscapes seen in your previous works. What’s changed?
Because I’ve made my way out of my beautiful mirage. The place that my heart has wished most fervently to go has already been perfectly presented in my “Wilder” album. This time, I want to express that walking out of the mirage I’m met with barren land. But in spite of this, I’m still pushing forward.

Fearless in challenging her boundaries as always, although her musical style is constantly evolving; Wong remains as always steadfast in her limitless philosophy. With her unique voice as her compass, her music transitions in parallel to her experiences at this new stage in her career. At this point, it’s hard to tell who’s challenging who – is Evangeline testing the boundaries of her musical repertoire, or the other way around? Wong certainly walks the talk as she reminds us not to forget the best of ourselves in her latest single, but the song also serves as a striking reminder to listeners of the singer’s unconventional and unique musical philosophy. And it’s certainly something you won’t soon forget.

Evangeline’s latest single ‘Already Forgotten’ is out now. Listen to it on all major streaming platforms, follow her on Instagram and Facebook and watch the music video below!