By Jocelle Koh

It’s the 30th of April, and you know what that means right? Happy #NationalBubbleTeaDay! Are you an original lover, tea purist, fruit tea fanatic or non-tea connoisseur? Either way, we’ve got just the Mandopop playlist lined up for each flavour profile to make sure you get your fix even while stuck indoors. Keep reading to find the perfect playlist to suit your tea preference, and celebrate your love for the sugary sweet drink with us!

A. Earthy, milky and comforting, this original blend of milk, tea and tapioca pearls is equivalent to dessert chicken soup for the soul. The old faithful of bubble teas, you can’t go much wrong with ordering this, no matter which tea place you frequent.

You’ll like this playlist if your favourite flavours are: Original Milk Tea, or Brown Sugar Milk Tea

This playlist was inspired by the familiar soundtrack of classic Mandopop that is often fed through the speakers at any respectable bubble tea establishment. As likely one of the only public spaces that play Mandopop almost exclusively, I love the sense of familiarity it gives me whenever I walk in. So I’ve based this list on some comforting Mandopop belters that you can count on for a good time always. From Jay Chou to S.H.E, this is timeless nostalgia in a cup.

B. Focusing on the fragrance and quality of the teas rather than the extraneous bits and bobs, you enjoy the finer things in life. Flavours such as Oolong, Pu-er, Alishan, or Jasmine green tea might be go-tos. Milk is optional, based on whether it amplifies or takes away from the richness of the tea. Obviously.

You’ll like this playlist if your favourite flavours are: Oolong Milk Tea, Alishan Milk Tea, Jasmine Green Tea

I love the refreshing, earthy, clean taste of pure teas, and created a crisp, cleansing playlist to go along with it. From Jonathan Lee’s ‘Mountains‘ which is full of leafy, green imagery to Sue’s ‘Shadow of Life’ which was in fact inspired by a tea ad, transport yourself back to that meditative headspace you purists get into when you take that first sip of your beloved tea.

C. Fun loving and energetic, fruit-based teas make for a refreshing sip on a summers’ day, but can just as easily be turned into a comforting beverage during cold climates. Flavours such as Honeydew, Strawberry or Peach are favourites of those with a sweet tooth, while Citrus flavours ignite excitement in tart lovers.

You’ll like this playlist if your favourite flavours are: Honeydew milk tea, Peach tea, Passionfruit tea

Just like fruit-flavoured bubble teas, this playlist is filled with bursts of all different flavours. Be they sweet, sour or bitter, these songs all have a light, natural sense to them. And also, most of them have fruit-themed names (FYI re: The Fur’s ‘Avocado Man’, Avocados are a fruit!). You’re welcome.

D. If your go-to is a non-tea tea (i.e. a bubble tea without tea in it), you’re probably a sugar fiend looking for your next hit, or an adventurous taster. Whether it be an Oreo milkshake boba or a red bean slushy, you don’t mind playing around with textures, and sugar levels are of no concern.

You’ll like this playlist if your favourite flavours are: Milo tea, Icecream milk tea, Taro milk tea, Red bean slushies

Non-tea Teas are pretty controversial, but they’re also a fun adventure for those young at heart (and usually with a high sugar tolerance). Similarly, this playlist will test your sweetness limits with sugary classics such as Jolin and David‘s ‘Marry Me Today‘, and cutesy tracks such as Kenji Wu and Song Ji-Hyo‘s ‘You’re So Cute‘. Be careful you don’t get a sugar rush!