By Jocelle Koh

The way to a musician’s heart is through their music, no? So we decided to do a playlist selection on one of our favourite Japanese bands SEKAI NO OWARI, who will be touring the US very soon! Their band leader Nakajin will have the honours of revealing to us his playlist first. So without further ado, let’s begin!

1. Kaskade – Disarm You Ft. Ilsey (Grey Remix)

I really like Grey’s remixes so I’ve listened to all of his work. This is my most favorite of all. It features acoustic guitar sounds, and the riffs are really cool too. I even bought a new microphone because of it so I could record something like that!

2. Disclosure – Control

I think they sound really unique and we can dance to it, and it’s stylish. Especially in this song he only uses fewer sounds and creates mysterious ambience with the synthesizer phrases. It’s addictive. 

3. Ryuichi Sakamoto – Happy End

He’s always been my favorite instrumental artist but I was in awe of his latest work for the movie Revenant because of the soundscapes in his composition. I really like the soundtrack too, but this is the one I listen to the most right now. I was so into this song that I even learned to play it on piano, which I rarely do.

4. Xilent – Let Us Be

It feels really good when listening to his edgy sounds, and his ability to control the sound structures so precisely. My alarm is set to this sound. It does the work and wakes me up every morning, just by the intro part, because of the edgy sound!  Haha! 

5. Zedd & Aloe Blacc – Candyman

True Colors by Zedd was the album I listened to the most last year. This next song by him sounds innovative and is very interesting to me. The melody that Aloe Blacc sings is very beautiful I can’t help but start humming. 

Check out Nakajin’s official Twitter and Instagram for more updates on his favourite music and more! SEKAI NO OWARI will be touring US this August, performing in Los Angeles at The Roxy Theatre (17 August) and in New York at The Bowery Ballroom (23 August). Be there or be square! Their hit single ‘RPG’ also just hit 100 million views on YouTube! Listen to it here.