When she’s not crafting beautiful pop songs (new single ‘Feeling Good out now), Asian-Australian singer-songwriter Teagan can be found studying biomed, and understands those cram feels wholly well. So who better to come up with a study-themed playlist than the chill chanteuse herself? Check out her picks below, and her description of the songs too!

“A collection of music that gets me through a long day (especially a long day of studying or working). All of these songs make you think deeper and make you feel good. But lyrically things aren’t so straight forward. Get lost in the beat and then messed up by the words.”

01. Feeling Good – TEAGAN
Ironically, I wrote this song about not feeling so good. The times where you go out with your mates to convince yourself that you’re over something, before quickly realising you’re not – everyone else is having fun but you’d rather be anywhere but there. I love making upbeat music that contrasts more sombre lyrics because it’s the perfect analogy for the way so many of us deal with our problems – covering the emotion behind a happy façade.

02. Blood Bank – Bon Iver
I loved this track from the second I heard it. It’s an incredibly beautiful love song and Justin Vernon tells such a vivid story throughout it.

03. Don’t Kill My Vibe – Sigrid
Sigrid has such a good voice and this track showcases it so well. This song really does make you feel good and I’m glad she got away from the music execs that were killing her vibe.

04. Nights – Frank Ocean
The guitar in this track is so slick and is produced brilliantly. Frank Ocean’s artistry inspires me to ensure that everything I do musically has purpose and meaning behind it.

05. Drew Barrymore – SZA
If I’m not jamming to The Weekend then I’ve got this song on. Every time I listen to the hook, it’s stuck in my head for days. I love SZA’s ability to tell a story in 4 minutes or less.

06. It’s Okay – TEAGAN
I wrote this song as a reminder to not feel guilty about getting rid of bad people from your life. Keeping people like that around is only a favour to them whilst you suffer for it. I hope it convinces you to get rid of people like that too.

07. Lemons – Woodlock
The first band I ever became obsessed with as a teenager. These guys are local Melbourne buskers and this is an absolute tune. I’ve seen them live way too many times to count and every time has been so worth it.

08. Ribs – Lorde
This song makes me feel nostalgic about things I didn’t even know I was nostalgic about. I hope Lorde makes new music soon – she will always be on my playlist.

09. Keep Your Head Up – Ben Howard
You cannot listen to this track and not feel motivated. Ben Howard made up the bulk of the music I listened to growing up (alongside Jack Johnson) and I still regret that I missed his show in Melbourne. Please come back soon, Ben.

10. Waves – Stolen Jars
The perfect song to drive home to. I hope these guys get all the recognition they deserve because everything they make is amazing and makes me feel so happy.

Check out ‘Feeling Good’, now available on all major streaming platforms such as Apple musicSpotify and KKBOX. Follow Teagan on her InstagramTwitter or website for more information.