Foreword by Jocelle Koh
Playlist Notes by shy-c

With a nonplussed, yet calming voice, up-and-coming Singaporean artist and producer shy-c is just the man to champion his brand of what we like to call ‘optimistic hopelessness’. As someone between cultures and entering a new chapter of his life, shy-c’s influences as reflected in this playlist are an ambient mix of nostalgia, loss of innocence and the purest of ideals. Dig deep into this soothing playlist that leaves you a little harassed about the state of our society, but also kind of hanging on. As we do. 

Track 01 –  shy-c – Hollow
‘Hollow’ is a track inspired by the transient moments in life where we find ourselves lost with no sense of direction. I’m almost done with my degree, and the future hasn’t really been mapped out as far as my career is concerned. This is probably a feeling that many people can relate to, not knowing what’s next in life. To add on to that, the climate situation is pretty bad so there’s not much motivation to achieve anything since our future is bleak anyway. BUT we have each other so there’s still something to look forward to, I think.

Track 02 – San Holo – show me
I discovered San Holo’s Album1 a while back and it’s been on repeat since, this track is my personal favourite because the guitar just works so well with the electronic elements. The way he distorted and destroyed the guitar tone really encouraged me to experiment more with manipulating recorded audio.

Track 03 – Jai Wolf – Indian Summer (Kasbo Remix)
The original track by Jai Wolf was already amazing, but somehow Kasbo managed to breathe new life into it. I just love the guitar plucks so much.

Track 04 – .gif – Godspeed
.gif is probably one of my favourite electronic acts, and they’re always great live too. Weish’s style of phrasing is so free and natural, it almost feels like an odd-meter song.

Track 05 – shy-c – Endless Night
I’ve never heard of this shy-c guy but this song is alright. 5/10

Track 06 – Linkin Park – Shadow of the Day
Been listening to a lot of the emo tracks from a few years back, this is one of my go-to songs. I like listening to it at the end of a long day, when I’m on my way home on the bus or train.

Track 07 – Joji – Sanctuary
This is just a really really good pop song. Also the music video is great.

Track 08 – Tyler the Creator – EARFQUAKE
I like the way Tyler distorted his voice, and the song is really catchy.

Track 09 – Tycho – Japan
I’m loving the new direction that Tycho’s going with singer Saint Sinner, it’s a fresh take on his signature downtempo style while keeping with his original palette of synth sounds.

Track 10 – Go Yama – The Sequences
Go Yama is probably the first electronic producer that I’ve heard with shreddy guitar solos. It’s really impressive how good he is at both guitar and production.