By Jocelle Koh
Playlist Notes by Noé Solange

Softly, slowly, a cacophony of glistening synths come together on Dutch-Indonesian producer and electronic artist Noé Solange‘s latest single ‘Bloom’. A stunning metamorphosis which hints at Solange’s homage to womanhood, nature and personal growth, the artist employs organic ambient sounds, the sound of the Yangqin as a nod to her diverse life experiences as well as forward-moving drums which remind us that growth is a never-ending cycle.

Meditative in her approach, the multitalented artist who completed this work between London and Indonesia has wowed us continuously with her blossoming body of work; starting with 2019’s ‘Running Away’ which saw her dipping her toes into her meditative sound, combined with a touch of R&B. 2020’s EP ‘Bound‘ had us wanting more with its moody, 2-am vibes combined with Noé ‘s ethereal vocals. Of ‘Bloom’, the budding producer described its message simply as: “how we too, much like flora, have our own individual journeys of growth and healing, as we take the time to blossom into our own unique self”.

A comforting, almost time-stopping track, Noé has graciously curated a selection of tracks that inspired her creative journey towards birthing ‘Bloom’, including the likes of Bonobo, Maria Chiara Argiro, Laura Nisch, Liam Mour and Henry Green. Of the effortlessly weightless playlist, she says:

“This playlist is a selection of dreamy electronica that influenced ‘Bloom’ – the perfect playlist to let your mind wander.”

Won’t you join us in the clouds for a moment?

Track 01: Bloom – Noé Solange
Produced between London and Indonesia, ‘Bloom’ takes you on a sonic journey where East meets West. The track is laced with influences from her Asian heritage and international upbringing (having lived in 9 countries) alongside inspirations from nature that shape the ambiance of the track.

Track 02: Tides – Bonobo, Jamila Woods
I’ve always enjoyed the downbeat pensive energy of Bonobo’s tracks and his music very much inspired me to start producing years ago. The balance between his atmospheric elements and Woods’ mesmerizing vocals is perfect!

Track 03: Clouds – Maria Chiara Argirò
A dreamy piece with a jazzy flair that makes me want to go lie down on the grass and watch clouds go by. When the saxophone comes in, it brings such a comforting energy to the track!

Track 04: Glass Shards – Laura Misch
I’ve had this song on repeat! She always manages to capture emotions and a mood so well through her soothing vocals, contemplative lyrics and dreamy elements.

Track 05: Douro – Liam Mour
The way he builds up the emotion through percussions and synths is so well done. An uplifting song with subtle melancholy – I love it.

Track 06: Sunlight – Henry Green
A very reflective piece. The electronic layers and calming vocals make this the perfect song to get lost in your own thoughts.

Track 07: Paradise Circus – Massive Attack
I remember hearing this track for the first time when living in America and it further piqued my interest in trip hop. The hushed vocals, simplistic melody and overall hazy feel got me hooked!

Track 08: Change (Instrumental) – Tusks
I love the drums and pulsating arpeggios that come in throughout! A very cinematic piece overall.

Track 09: Wei – Li Yilei  
An introspective sonic experience created by a brilliant mixture of synthesizers and field recordings. This meditative piece always transports me back to a memory of sitting among the rice fields in Bali, Indonesia.

Track 10: Loom – Ólafur Arnalds, Bonobo
Probably my most streamed song this year. The feeling of this song gets me every time. The rich synth, fluttering piano and vocal samples throughout makes this such an intimate and emotional piece. The music video is gorgeous too!

Track 11: With, Beside, Against – Portico Quartet
My dad first introduced me to the band’s music years ago and I was so captivated by the textures and atmospheres created within their compositions, which have very much influenced the production of my latest tracks!