By Jocelle Koh

Of Indian and Caribbean and Chinese heritage, Dutch R&B singer-songwriter N.A.ï is a mixed bag of surprises. Growing up in a supportive musical family, the vivacious artist describes her first-ever single ‘Talk To Me’ as the kick-start her creative motor needed to push into first gear. Greatly influenced by her mixed heritage and eclectic experiences, N.A.ï’s voracious appetite for music and interest in other cultures sees her influenced by artists from all over the world; be they upcoming singers from her hometown in the Netherlands, K-pop idols, mixed diaspora artists or hidden gems from Asia that vibe with her.

Be it big, dynamic pop pieces, artists whose heritage and background resonate with N.A.ï deeply, or some amazing R&B vibes, discover the bubbly artist through this playlist of handpicked tracks from her own personal playlists. While the artist’s new single “Talk To Me” is about communicating in relationships, this playlist encourages listeners to talk to N.A.ï and meet her through her picks!

Track 01: N.A.ï  – Talk To Me
I’m so proud of myself with this song. It took a while for my creative motor to start working again. It felt like such a relief to release my first single and share it with the world! The song is about THAT kind of guy; you want him to talk to you despite him showing all the red flags. You are done with him, but you are also not yet over him. It’s a typical paradox that people can struggle with and can relate to.

Track 02: BLACKPINK – Let’s kill this love
This electro K-pop song gives me confidence and motivation. This song is also great when I’m working out. The visuals of the videoclip are bold and cool to see. The production of the music and the chorus are very catchy. I always like to see these girlbands who can sing and do these incredible choreo’s. Fun fact: I know who choreographed the choreo!

Track 03: Joyce Wrice – So so sick
love me some Joyce Wrice! Beautiful to see that she embraces her half Japanese and African-American roots. In the intro of this videoclip she talks Japanese; I didn’t expect that coming, it’s special for me to see! She gives me old school vibes in this videoclip, like we’re back in the 2000s.

Track 04: Audrey Mika – Pure
Audrey Mika is half Japanese and wonderful to see. She got a funny personality! The production of this song is simple, her voice is sweet, clear and the harmonies are delightful to hear. This song is dreamy; when I hear her sing, it feels like I’m in another world, so soothing. I can also relate to the lyrics; why can’t it all just be pure?

Track 05: Novia – Ingin Jatuh Cinta
This girl is from Indonesia, and she has a soulful voice. The production is moving and it has a good hook. In this videoclip I get to know a ltitle bit more about the Indonesian music and vibes. The video clip is playful and fun to see.

Track 06: Sophia Faith – Say So
Her voice is clear, soulful, admirable and passionate to me. This song has a Jazzy, R&B feeling. Her tone and colour brings me to an inspirational and calming place. The production is nice in tune with her voice.

Track 07: Remi Wolf – Photo Id
This song brings me joy. The beat and sound in the music are so catchy and youthful! Really my kind of vibes; it makes me happy!

Track 08: Nai Palm – Have you ever been (to electric ladyland)
I’m such a fan of her creations. Her voice, music and look are so unique to me. This song brings me into the clouds. It gives me lovedovey positive vibes. The harmonies and the adlibs in between the verses are so amazing. Such a beautiful production!

Track 09: Danity Kane – Ride for you
This song is my all-time favourite. It’s sexy and so emotional. It’s an old song, I was such a fan of Danity Kane, this band was formed in the MTV reality show; “making the band”. I followed this Serie when I was about 10 years old. This show was at that  time my dreamlife! Everything on that show was what I wanted to do in life: combining singing and dancing and perform for big stages. I love the the combination of the group, so diverse and complete to me. I still enjoy the music and albums they made!

Track 10: Kyara Shereen – Socials
This song is from  an upcoming Dutch singer. She sings beautifully and really feminine! I love her tone it’s soft, pleasing, strong and clear. Her technique is good, she switches nicely from low to high.