For this instalment of Choice Picks_ we’ve specially invited new-gen singer-songwriter June Pan to share a tailor-made Galaxy-themed playlist of her picks with us. Having just released her debut EP ‘Milkomeda’ which is chock-full of weird, wonderful and fantastical sounds and textures, who better to transport us to another galaxy than this quirky artist? Pan digs deep into her musical treasure trove, coming back with some words on each of her favourite songs including tracks by LINIONAstro Bunny and LSD.

But first, a few introductory words from the musical astronomer herself:

“The EP’s theme circles themes of the milky way and planets, thus is called ‘Milkomeda’. The astronomy term is used when astronomers predict the Milky Way and Andromeda are about to collide; however these two entities after crossing paths will still go back to their own routines and continue on their paths, like a short-lived but passionate bout of young love. Every song in ‘Milkomeda’ is irrigated so that it blooms into a planet of its own, from the impulsive love of ’Leap Through The Galaxy 我陪你’ to the love-filled playfulness of ‘Oh, my love’ and the EP’s title track ‘Milkomeda’.

So what is a ‘Galaxy feel’ to me? Simply put, it is a big or small space matched up with a short or long period of time; accompanied by all kinds of musical textures that attract people. The ten songs below that I’ll be sharing have a ‘Galaxy feel’ to me, hope everyone can appreciate it.” 

Track 01. Oh, my love – June Pan
I can really indulge in the playful atmosphere of this song, it allows me to sing out the melody i want with no restrictions. From the first line of lyrics ‘black red purple fantasy’, the song creates a love planet background just for me. The lyrics express my rebelliousness, pride, quirkiness and unpredictability in a relationship. I like to use very sneaky yet subtle means to surrender to me, just like the lyrics ‘peppery and spicy sweets’, ‘cause you to stay still waiting for me to thaw you’, heaping on the fun of being in love.

Track 02. Thunderclouds – LSD
This is an album released by SiaLabrinth and Diplo; the colours in the entire album make me think of Alice in Wonderland’s dreamscape. ‘Thunderclouds’ has the same strange and fantastical purplish reddish tinge to it, same as ‘Oh My Love’; and I’ve always felt this kind of weird and wacky amusement park music to be refreshing and curious. This type of music is not old fashioned and is unique; allowing people to have the feeling of buckling up anytime and getting on this cloud to discover a new world; a new planet.

Track 03. Leap Through The Galaxy – June Pan
This is the first song in the ‘Milkomeda’ EP, the intro makes me think of stars sparkling; full of hope. The lyrics summarise an impulsive love relationship we’ve all had; like those days watching the sun set or the stars before dawn, I want to cross the mountains, and overcome everything fearlessly with you. And the most beautiful moments is life are those spent with people who spend it like there’s still 1000 more years in your life. I like the different elements in this song, no matter if its the changes in the beats, the delicately crafted musical texture or the guitar solo after the bridge; they embellish this song even more and make it pop.

Track 04. Lemon Tea by Gyvus
This song has no vocals, most people who listen would think it’s just a very chill track, but this kind of work is one that I’ve always liked. I can listen to it anytime and never get sick of it. Yet every time you can sing a different melody, it’s so versatile. When I first heard and digested this song, the image that came to me was the Star Lord leisurely walking on a planet with shells. If you listen closely the arrangement has the sound of objects, some someone pushing a handcart on a planet across roads of crushed gravel and walking briskly. Like putting on headphones and examining new forms of life on a miscellaneous planet. If there’s ever a chance to feature this song, I’d be on cloud nine!

Track 05. Leap through Galaxy(CYAN 青醬肉絲Remix) – June Pan
This is the remix of ‘Leap through Galaxy’, it feels like someone drifting lost through time: all the things you see are very dim, but your body is lightly floating in an anti-gravity setting. Shout out to 青醬肉絲, I really like this remix, thank you!

Track 06. Can’t Find – Linion
Linion’s style always makes me want to sing something on top of his music, his songs have a very pure rhythm and conversation, just my type. This song ‘Can’t Find’ has lyrics tinted with disappointment like hiding in a person’s barren space on a weightless surface striding through space looking for that certain someone. Maybe with a beer in hand, lol.

Track 07. 逃生口 – Astro Bunny
Astro Bunny is an electronic band that I really appreciate, their music isn’t noisy and yet can purify the spirit; I like this type of crisp texture, jumpy and not too heavy. As opposed to me used the planets and universe to discuss love, this song instead gives another meaning to the existence of outer space: a parallel universe where you can escape from reality; an exit.

Track 08. Take Her Place (feat. ARIZONA) – Don Diablo
Don Diablo’s music always is full of futuristic feels, a DJ I really appreciate. Especially the comfortable vocals that come with this song; the song begins with a feeling of being lost in space traversing the milky way. Afterwards through the layering of vocals, it seems even more like discovering an unknown world. The thing about this song which draws me is that it is decadent, wilting; yet full of hope. Dying, but in some ways discusses rebirth with the remaining power left inside.

Track 09. Milkomedia – June Pan
The title track for my ‘Milkomeda’ EP, this song is like seeding hope on a glass planet and watching it bloom before quickly watching its death. We used the astronomical term ‘Milomeda’ to describe modern-day fast-food love. Astronomers predict future collisions between the Milky Way and Andromeda, but these two entities after interacting will still go back to their own courses and continue on their paths, just like a passionate summer romance. Short lived, beautiful and romantic. I really like the different synths’ textures and the mixing results.

Track 10.流離的時間與流離的你– Fool And Idiot 傻子與白痴
To me, being stuck in the whirlpool of time is another alternative type of galaxy feel; since the universe can be said to be made up of space and time. The entire song’s musical texture creates this imagery of vastness and emptiness; a lonely and small space with a lot of time. And the lyrics word for word are imprinted deeply in my mind.

June Pan’s new EP ‘Milkomeda’ is available now on all major streaming platforms including SpotifyiTunes and KKBOX. Be sure to follow her on her socials:Facebook & Instagram