You can tell a lot about someone by their musical taste. Indeed, after checking out James’ Choice Picks_, you too will have a greater appreciation for how his music deviates from the normal influences of Mandopop artists. For Yang, being brought up on a mix of Soul, Blues, Folk and Rock has greatly influenced his sound. Keep reading to learn how all these sounds have become part of his story!

01. The Staple Singers – Will the Circle Be Unbroken
Similar to Wind in the Pines in terms of subject – the death of a loved one.

02. James Yang – Hold On
One of the songs on Lost & Found that I wrote for my grandfather.  Every time I sing this song, I sing it louder than I should, in some vain hope that wherever my grandfather is, he will be able to hear or feel that I’m singing for him.

03. The Toots and Maytels – Pressure Drop
My best friend growing up was Jamaican, his family had parties and bbqs growing up, we listened to reggae, dancehall and rocksteady;

04. James Yang -溫柔地,暴烈地
Seeing as I talked about it earlier, and that it’s my favourite song on Lost & Found;

05. Alan Lomax – Early in the mornin’
This sort of blues is the roots of Western pop music. I love this kind of music, but it also gives me a deeper understanding of how to write songs.

06. 郑钧- 灰姑娘
Just a simple, beautiful love song.

07. Led Zeppelin – When the levee breaks
This sort of rock played a lot when I was a kid.  I chose this song for two reasons, first the drum track is amazing, 2nd, they used the arrangement to turn a simple country blues into a huge rock song, like we changed my simple demos in to complex songs in Lost & Found.

08. 老王樂隊 – 我還年輕我還年輕
This song mixes lots of musical styles, including Klezmir, Gypsy jazz and HxC, Emocore elements together to create a really full and interesting song.
09. Rory Gallagher – Million Miles Away
I love the energy used to play here, and the guitar tone Gallagher gets. 

10. 二手玫瑰-仙兒
This song mixes western and traditional Chinese elements together into something unique and crazy. It makes me think of  the end of a film where the hero rides his motorbike into the sunset.