Foreword by Jocelle Koh
Playlist Notes by HYBS

Bringing us a mellow sound which meshes together the best genres that the ’80s and ’90s brought to us, Thai dreamers HYBS take us on a ride through time with vintage synths, buzzing basslines and creamy vocals that are guaranteed to sweep you off your feet.

From the City-pop vibes of “Higher” to the suave, slow rock vibes of “Ride”, these guys have us wrapped around their little finger like no other, and we’re left wanting more always. To continue the party, the boys have kindly curated a playlist that’s guaranteed to ‘take us higher’ with high-energy tracks by PREP and boy pablo, before taking us down for a soft landing with bops by Silk Sonic and HYBS themselves.

From Disco and Funk to R&B and Rock, HYBS’ far-spreading influences make this one eclectic playlist – and a wild ride if we ever saw one. So get comfortable, and let their selection take you higher!

Track 01: HYBS – Go Higher
As we started playing with retro sounds in ‘Dancing with my phone’. We continued to do so in ‘Go Higher’. Shifting the pace up a little bit more & showcasing a new angle to our musicality –  Warm summery tunes blended with retro synth riffs, crisp vocals, and slick instrumentations. We’re ready to take you to an adventure of a lifetime!

Track 02: PREP – Don’t bring me down
Definitely our favourite choice for bringing the mood up. PREP’s songs always filled with that elegant retro grooves that bring back the vibes of ’70s-’80s music, which also inspired us how we create our releases as well.

 You just can’t bring us down when this song is on.

Track 03: boy pablo – Wachito rico
Very catchy, Disco-inspired song that is partially sung in Spanish. Such a fun song to dance to. 

Track 04: Pink Floyd – Comfortably numb
Cheapest trip to space. For us, Pink Floyd needs no introduction – their music has been around for a long time, and still being an inspiration for us to this day.

Track 05: Van Halen – Jump
We really like how the iconic synth intro adds to the atmosphere. It really opens the song up, crossing their song over on the pop charts. The synthesizer at that time opened up a whole new possibility.

Track 06: Silk Sonic – Fly as me
Everything about this song is just perfect for us – their old school vibes, impeccable flows, and an infectious fusion of funk, rap, and R&B. A mastery piece of music.

Track 07: Ginger Root – Fly too
Their quirkiness is a big influence for us. We really love the ’80s city pop vibes which perfectly fits with the song, creating such a dreamy atmosphere that gives us butterflies.

Track 08: Silk Sonic – Skate
Another absolute treasure from Silk Sonic. Pristine Motown sounds with sublime chords progression are pure goosebumps. This song just makes us so happy and just want to go skate right now.

Track 09: HYBS – Dancing with my phone
A gorgeous piece of dreamy pop full of silky-smooth instrumentation and summery melodies that will invite you to bring back and enjoy your best memories.

Track 10 – HYBS – Ride
Really can’t skip this one, our very first single! We want to throwback to early days of a relationship – lovingly filled with unforgettable stories together on the road. Just enjoy the ride.

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