Sentimental SIngaporean crooner Gareth Fernandez’ warm vocals and chill beats position him resolutely alongside pop greats such as Sam Smith and Lauv. With lyrics that truly come from the heart and vocals that execute perfectly the meaning within his words, Fernandez’ is the perfect artist to add to your next mood playlist. 

​1. Gareth Fernandez – Achilles
I’ve always wanted to write a Gospel song and this was my chance. Writing this song wasn’t easy either as I had to face some personal demons, but I’m pleased with the result. I wanted the song to be raw and meaningful, and I also knew that I wanted the Gospel chi to play a big part in it. Fun fact: the choir is actually just me singing  layers upon layers in different harmonies, and pretending to be different characters.

2. Labrinth – Jealous
This song is just crazy beautiful, and it had some influence on Achilles. I love everything from the vocals to the arrangement to the mournful organ and “Disney” strings. I have it on loop just to sing along to it sometimes. Bliss.3. Lauv & Julia Michaels – There’s No Way
I particularly enjoyed the live acoustic version of this song that carries a sad quality to it. Coupled with the fact that these 2 artists were dating when this song came out, and then broken up upon its release makes the pain even more vivid, and it somehow adds another bittersweet dimension to the song.

4. Moses Sumney – Plastic
“My Wings Are Made Of Plastic” I really, really wish I had written this song. The melodies here are so creative, and the jazz guitar is just hauntingly pretty. Kudos to Moses Sumney for really showing off some vocal chops here too.

5. Charlie Lim – Bitter
This is one of the best songs to come out of Singapore, period. Charlie is an OG in our little scene, and he showed me that it’s possible to be successful without compensating on your art. This song is particularly brilliant to me due to the breakdown section and the various movements in the song.

6. Linying – Sticky Leaves
When Linying first came out with Sticky Leaves, I was simply blown away. I had no idea that someone so young could write such incredible, sophisticated lyrics and melodies, and it just spoke to my soul immediately. I like her music and composition so much that I’m getting her to co-write a future song with me.

7. Sam Smith – Lay Me Down
I’m a huge, huge Sam Smith fan, and this song is my Mt. Everest. It’s a really technical song to sing and I will never stop trying until I get it right. Wonderfully written and so, darn, catchy. Always a mood.

8. Adele – When We Were Young
Does Adele need any introduction? Come on. Voice of an angel. This song definitely so. Her live version never fails to give me goose bumps and I love how it’s just so raw, real, vulnerable and yet powerful.

9. Khalid & John Mayer – Outta My Head
This collaboration was so unexpected, but turned out so well. I used to put John Mayer on loop during his “Where The Light Is” era, and it’s nice to see that he can put out top hits with the young stars of today. This song is the perfect mix of modern R&B and the more evergreen style, and I can’t get it out of my head. Pun intended.

10. brb. – Cool With It
brb. is a hot new R&B band coming out of Singapore, and Cool With It is my favourite song from them. It’s a catchy, feel-good anthem and it always makes me smile. I’ll also be working with their amazing producer on some new music.

Gareth Fernandez’s new single ‘Achilles’ is now out on all major streaming platforms. Check him out on Facebook and Instagram!