Intro Note by Jocelle Koh
Graphic Design by Allison Sun
Track Descriptions by Diana Wang

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​Diana Wang王詩安 has always been a little bit of a mystery to me. Debuting as a pop act in her earlier days before reinventing herself as an alternative R&B artist with FU MUSIC, we’ve constantly been trying to keep our finger on the pulse of her ever-changing sound. Who better to ask about this than Wang herself? In our latest instalment of Choice Picks_ , Diana shares with us some mysterious tracks of her own and those from others which have inspired her current musical stylings. From Gallant to Sigrid, her unique mix of tastes interspersed with some of her latest tracks show how her style can be both inspired and transformative at the same time. Read her thoughts on her ‘mysterious vibes’ playlist below!
Track 01. Intertwined (脈絡) – Diana Wang
Souls connect and intertwine, R&B alternative with a mysterious vibe, representing my mini album ‘Moon’. Fun fact, I wrote this song in my one-year old baby sister’s baby room right after New Year’s Eve 2018-2019, in the morning of Jan 1 in the Netherlands. The song is about all (in)visible connections, underground tunnels, roots… you name it, all species are connected in this world. And sometimes you can feel how strong some connections can be..

Track 02. Bourbon (feat. Saba & Lophiile) – Gallant
He has this somber mood but a big voice with aesthetic vibes in his contemporary R&B music. Love listening to Gallant sing and I think his stage performance movements are quite unique, they’re smooth and flow so naturally with his songs. And I just love this version’s music arrangement.

Track 03. Way to the show – Solange
I just found online the right names for her genres: ‘cosmic’ jazz, Hip Hop and R&B described as psychedelic soul/new age trap… There’s more but her chill way of pronouncing words feel very delicate, organic, intimate and has a magical touch that sparks joy to me. A Masterpiece.

Track 04. Bad Guy – Billie Eilish
I knew about her recently and never thought that ‘horror’ and electro/indie pop get along so well, she has this perfect blend and a totally fresh/mysterious style, it blew my mind. And I started watching some horror films.. I NEVER used to… 

Track 05. Space Farm – Diana Wang
I sang it with some slightly punk, rock, chill elements and I share my hopes that we humans may grow some good mindsets; let us love all species on earth and may they live here forever. May we love our planet home and use/waste less.

Track 06. Pink + White – Frank Ocean
He is one of my earliest R&B contemporary influences. A great storyteller with an aura that can be mysterious yet chill but deep. 

Track 07. Hello, I said – Diana Wang 
I’ve always wanted a chill (acoustic) guitar song. This track is about different angles of our journeys in life, sang in an intimate way like a friend to a friend. Hope it gives you a relaxing vibe, yet gives you the motivation to keep exploring and to do what you’ve always wanted to do.

Track 08. New Light – John Mayer
Besides the fact that I keep looping this song, its music video is weird, awkward, ridiculous and I love it. The music industry is having a hard time… luckily they have ‘priceless’ creativity! Love it.

Track 09. Mine Right Now – Sigrid
Another fun music video starring the director himself because Sigrid couldn’t make it to the set due to plane delays. As the video starts it tells you that everything went wrong and honestly this video made me love the song even more! Another priceless creation! Good vibes!! By the way, Sigrid is so unique and talented. She gives me a lot of inspiration too, I remember how my song ‘Good Times’ reminds me of some Sigrid vibes. 

Track 10. 假行僧 – Khalil Fong
I usually like Khalil’s own original R&B tracks. But surprisingly this cover he did is kind of rock and urban. He totally changed the original song’s vibe with his new arrangement. I love how it gives me a fresh and exciting feeling. Blending styles is the best!