Foreword: Jocelle Koh
Track Descriptions: The Chairs

Sweet and sour but always tasty, let The Chairs take you on a dreamy musical journey with some of their favourite tracks followed by a taste of their own tracks! From Jakob Ogawa to tofubeats, this band’s eclectic-yet-zen set of musical influences aptly reflect their transformative musical style. Grab yourself a glass of Lemonade and let’s get into this playlist created for you especially by the band!​ Track 01: Jakob Ogawa – Let It Pass
Zhong Ying: This song’s melody is too beautiful and too interesting, the vocals and the instrument combination is just right. No one is vying for top spot, in the short space of two minutes it sketched out an entire blueprint, causing listeners to come back for more time and again. 

Track 02: Matt Maltese – Like A Fish
Zhong Ying: First I was attracted by the intro melody and the instrumentals, and thus finished the whole song. Every instrument to each their own, the embellishments in the melody are also well matched. The song isn’t longwinded at all in its storytelling of a sad heartbreaking story.

Track 03: Mac DeMarco – Still Beating
Yong Jing: I really like Mac DeMarco’s album ‘This Old Dog’, the melodies are really nice, the instrumentals and rhythms are simple. The sustains of the drums are short, the double stroke sounds so nice, and the modulation is angled in a very comfortable way. Recording was great too. 

Track 04 : Loving – Nihilist Kite Flyer
Yong Jing: A very lo-fi song, I really like the way the  rhythm and chords work together. I think this song is very suitable for Sunday morning listening, while you’re hanging up your clothes. 

Track 05: John Lennon – Woman
Yong Jing: I heard this song from a cassette when I was young, at that time I didn’t know John Lennon, just felt that this person’s voice was quite strange. Afterwards when i started creating backing vocals myself this song would always pop up in my mind. Because his backing vocals and lyrics are just too beautiful.

Track 06/07/08: Good Morning – Warned You
Babe Rainbow – Peace Blossom Boogy
Austin Weber – Goodbye

Track 09: tofubeats – 水星 Mercury
Bo Yuan: I was recommended this song recently, the melody is really great, the vocals which have added effects become even more intimately intertwined with the song’s groove. While listening it feels like I’m floating over there, perhaps to Mercury, I’m not sure. 

Track 10: Takuya Kuroda – Everybody Loves The Sunshine
Bo Yuan: The music is presented in a really comfortable way, with laid-back drums that pair amazingly well with the song itself. A song that is 9.5 minutes long, yet it doesn’t cause listeners to feel bored or that it’s dragging.

Track 11: The Chairs – Levitation

I really recommend for listeners who are in a serene space such as before going to sleep or reading books; this is a great time to repeat the song “Levitation”.

Track 12: The Chairs – Dreaming With You
Zhong Ying’s backing vocals in “Dreaming With You” is amazing, everyone needs to take a listen.

Track 13: The Chairs – Lemonade
The intro of “Lemonade” is very powerful, as if you’ve fallen headfirst into a jug of Lemonade. What comes next is a gentle, soft melody that allows you to float amongst it. Actually all the songs in the EP are really great, we hope everyone can try it together.