Titled ‘Celeste’s summer playlist for an afternoon tea‘, Singaporean singer-songwriter Celeste Syn​’s put together a quirkily curated playlist of afternoon delights to take your mind off the heat, whisking you away to her weird and wonderful musical world. Despite being signed under Mandopop extraordinaire Jay Chou‘s record label JVR Music, Syn is anything but your expected C-pop fare. Her stream-of-consciousness style of lyricism; combined with melodies filled with childish petulance and moments of sparkling clarity build an intrigue around her musical influences and collaborative partners; all of which is laid out in this very playlist. Is Syn’s music your cup of tea? You’ll just have to listen to find out.

01. Celeste Syn 冼佩瑾 – Little Dark Cave 龜兔賽跑
A song about running away to a little dark cave, escaping from the sun and all other matters you don’t wish to talk about. This too shall pass – just give it time. For now, stay cool and keep listening. 

02. Aurora – Winter Bird
When the temperatures soar, the bird in me does the same, to an imaginary winter. Aurora tells the story so vividly, I can see her frozen tears. 

03. Lara Veronin 梁心頤 – Comfortable Cage 舒適的牢籠
I’ve never quite told my good friend, how I love the way she penned the following to my tune – 在舒適的牢籠裡過表面的自由. Notice how she sings “籠裡” like “lonely”? Also, I wonder what true freedom feels like.

04. Celeste Syn 冼佩瑾 – Throw You In The River 把你丟進淡水河裡
The original intent was to throw my old MacBook into Danshui River (full story another time), as that wasn’t too environmentally friendly, we threw a misbehaving ex instead. Watch the music video on YouTube, it’s unconventional – don’t try it at home though. 

05. PEW, Shelby Wang, Meiting 啊飄,王曉敏,黃美婷 – Onions 青蔥
It has an introduction that makes me smile. I like anything to do with retro or food, so when they come together it’s a definite yes; extra scallions please!

06. Agnes Obel – Brother Sparrow
My kind of midday dance. Perfect with tea. I find the footsteps rather enchanting; one that I go back to quite often. Can’t explain why. 

07. Celeste Syn 冼佩瑾 – Alice Hates You
Now doze off to a singing doll, rocking chair, crackling fire and that unfinished pot of tea…if you dare.

08. Mando Diao – Ochrasy
A slow one from Swedish rock band, Mando Diao. Ochrasy is an escape from the deteriorating world – it’s a name/place they made up. I like to play pretend. 

09. StellaVee – Friend Says 朋友說
I usually add a pop rock number near the end of my playlist to quicken the pace before heading off to work. I like the blend of sweetness and slight nonchalance in this one, for that bit of character; very much like StellaVee, in real life.

10. Ruth Kueo 魏妙如 – Be You
Being myself encompasses discovering who I am and what I am created to be. Otherwise, I’m just being a less than ideal version of myself, holding on to what I want to be, in the eyes of my own impaired judgment. In this song, “每個靈魂有的獨特” serves as a good reminder for me. 

11. Hillsong Young & Free – This Is Living
I feel brand new and fresh every time I hear this. It’s like waking up to the smell of morning dew. This is living now, finally.

Celeste will be listening and chatting with fans on the KKBOX app on the 26th of March 2019 at 9pm. Be sure to log in and listen along! Follow her on Facebook and Instagram, and check out her debut album ‘Why‘ on all major streaming platforms.