Foreword by Sinead
Playlist Notes by ANU

Gu Ba and Ba Ya broke into the spotlight in 2017 with their confident blending of the traditional Tibetan sounds of their home with elements of EDM and pop music in their single ‘Fly’. Since then they have gone from strength to strength, culminating in last year’s performances on ‘I am Singer 我是歌手’, where they showcased their ability to remix classic songs in their own unique style, slipping seamlessly between Mandarin, Tibetan and English. Check out their playlist below to sample the equally broad range of music which influences their sound.

Track 01: Jay Chou 周杰倫 – Nocturne 夜曲
When we were younger we listened to lots of pop music like Jay Chou’s, so you could say it was his songs which first sparked our passion for pop music. We wanted to recommend this song to everyone which we played to our crushes back in the day. We can still remember those moments so clearly…

Track 02: Jonathan Lee 李宗盛Hills 山丘
After that we started listening to music with a more soulful style, for example like Jonathan Lee. We still think about something which the MC at his Sense and Sensibility concert said: “Everyone holds a favourite Jonathan Lee song in their heart” – we can still remember that moment like it was yesterday. It was listening to artists like Jonathan Lee which encouraged us to pursue a deeper and more mature understanding of music.

Track 03: ANU Never Give Up 輸過.沒哭過
We always try to spread positivity and tell stories through our music. This song is one which we wrote about our own experiences. We wanted to encourage listeners not only to be brave in going after what they want, but also to know that it’s ok to lose sometimes, but it’s not ok to accept defeat.

Track 04: Post Malone/Swae Lee Sunflower
We’re huge fans of this song and the way it talks about the reality of love and having the guts to go after the things you want in life. After hearing it we decided we wanted to write similar pieces.

Track 05: ANUSay No 不要了
We tried out a new style in this song. Again it’s about our attitude to life and the idea that we shouldn’t live for other people or limit ourselves. We should be brave and positive in facing each day.

Track 06: Ed Sheeran\Khalid – Beautiful People
We really love these two singers, so were super excited when they announced this collaboration. Adding on the message of the song and the story in the MV, it actually made us cry, it was that awesome! This song pretty much encapsulates the way we like to create music – using a simple approach to write meaningful pieces.

Track 07: ANU – ANU
This was our debut song, written as an introduction of ourselves to the world. It was also the song which started us off on our musical journey.

Track 08: Coldplay – Church
Everyone knows Coldplay is the biggest band around these days. We’ve always liked their music, and are obsessed with their new album ‘Everyday Life’ – for us, listening to it is almost a spiritual experience. It must have been some higher power which gave them the inspiration for this album. Recently we’ve had it on repeat, so we wanted to recommend it to everyone. We hope it can help you find yourself, and in our busy lives help us to reconnect with our feelings and dreams.

Track 09: ANU – FLY
This is the song that made us famous, and which created all these opportunities for us. It was also the first Tibetan pop song to break records on music sites.

Track 10: Mayday 五月天 – Stubborn 倔強
“I’m not scared of those who hold me back/I’m scared of myself giving in…this last drop of willpower/I’ll hold on to it until the end. Paradise is around the corner/I might feel lost but I’ll never give up hope.”
This song gives us hope when we are going through hard times. There’s something about that pounding rhythm of the chorus which encourages us to face up to the future, not shy away from it.