by RoyGBiv of Tokyophonic for Asian Pop Weekly’s 14th Anniversary Zine

With its 80s aesthetic, summer vibes, funky sounds, impossibly blue skies, and romantic vocals, Japanese city pop is experiencing a revival around the world. Highlighting young and independent artists, Tokyo ON’s Neo city pop series of DJ mixes is a modern take on city pop, and volume 6 is no different, seamlessly blending fresh interpretations of classics with new sounds and styles for people of all ages and nationalities to enjoy.

Track List

  1. Tokimeki Records – WINDY SUMMER (feat. Hikari)[Cover]
  2. Rinapon – Telephone Number [Cover]
  3. Junk Fujiyama – 雨上がりの街
  4. 崎谷健次郎 – 愛がくれるもの
  5. Five II Four featuring Natsu Summer – 七夕の夜、君に逢いたい
  6. Pyramid – ODORO! (feat. MIHO FUKUHARA)
  7. sucola – 敢えて感情論
  9. Keishi Tanaka – Let Me Feel It (feat. 関口シンゴ)
  10. 葛谷葉子 – Seaside Hotel
  11. Mellow Youth – Howling
  12. POP ART TOWN – 君と水槽とクジラ
  14. STY – ずるいなベイベー (feat. Zinee)
  15. LUA – Don’t Stop the DOKKYUN!!
  16. Sijima – Never Ending Story
  17. MONARI WAKITA – やさしい嘘
  19. マハラージャン – 波際のハチ公
  20. ボタニカルな暮らし。 – City Girl
  21. アンニュイ・ホリデイ – スウィートインスピレーション (feat. 仮谷せいら)

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