Mix by Jocelle Koh for Asian Pop Weekly

When asked to curate the music for a friend’s tea ceremony, I was unexpectedly filled with a crippling sense of inner conflict. How could I steer the curation away from veering into oriental bullshit territory whilst also being an accurate representation of sounds that fit this momentous occasion bridging Asian traditions in Australia? “Eastern Displacement” is an intuitive response to this and more.

Unknowingly, this mix turned into yet another exploration of our identities, grasping at the ends of a series of extremes to make sense of it all. Bumbling between a sense of displacement between the east and the west, measuring the contemporary against the traditional, and harbouring the need to preserve uniqueness against convention. Thus, “Eastern Displacement”.

So excited to feature some of my favourites across Asia and the diaspora such as Mindy Meng Wang, Matt Hsu’s Obscure Orchestra, Luna Li, Lim Giong and more.

Track List

0:00- 3:14 Forbidden City, A Cold Moon 故宮.冷月 by Mindy Meng Wang 王萌

3:15-4:47 Arinsu by Meitei

4:48-5:28 borders by Luna Li, Aaron Paris

5:29-9:01 Memory Palace by Joelistics, Mindy Meng Wang 王萌 Francesca Mountfort 

9:02-11:18 Tap Water by Matt Hsu’s Obscure Orchestra, Kenta Hayashi 

11:19-22:29 Dawn of the forest by Takashi Kokubo

22:30-26:11 高山流水 – 古箏獨奏 by 潘文 Pan Wen

26:12-31:45 Moon Jazz 月遊 by Lim Giong林強

31:46-34:46 逆水舟 by A-Play China

34:47-36:53 Cloudgate by Kainbeats

36:54-37:54 mirror by Luna Li

37:55-41:07 Moon Hours by No Translation

41:08-42:22 Paris of the East by Shanghai Restoration